Kelston Boys’ High School perform a massive haka in honour of the new Maori carving on campus

I live for this



how everyone feels about school

my keyboard crapped out on me tonight :P

luckily we still had an old one stashed away.  i think i might try getting one of those flexible ones.  Something in my mind tells me they’re probably not very good but i’m not so sure i care anymore…



DreamWorks Animation has clarified statemens by Korea’s Studio Mirwhich were erroneously reported in the local Studio_Mir_logopress late last week. The company is in the process of working with Studio Mir to finalize a possible production agreement for one series, and has notinked a deal with Studio Mir for the latter to produce as many as four cartoon TV series during the next four years. DWA says it would be engaging the studio on a work for hire basis, meaning it would not be a co-producer and would not gain any interest in DWA’s intellectual property. The Korean animation studio is known for 2D fantasy series The Legend Of Korra, which airs Stateside on Nickelodeon.”

Somebody messed up. :-/