I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

Whenever I feel sad I just remember that this is a thing that happened

richardharington asked:

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2. A picture of me

i think i have to make this a separate post it’s not letting me add it :/

5. Piercings I have
I’ve got two in each ear!  I’m thinking about getting an industrial bar but i got no $ so that’s put on hold for now.

13. Life goal(s)
I think i’ve always wanted to be a concept artist but i spent all my time in school denying it to myself (don’t know why..?).  Actually i do know why.  It was because every article/post i had read online talked a lot about how hard it was to get to be a “concept artist”, so i kind of ran from it because i didn’t want to face potential rejection.  But now that I’m a little older, I’ve gotten over that a bit, thanks to a couple of really awesome professors I had who taught me some good life lessons.

So concept art would be ideal, story board artist as well.   I love production and design and badly want to be a part of it.  I’m not limiting myself to that though cause I discovered i love so much more of what art is, that i want to do whatever I can get my hands on.

Other than that there is the- i’d like a husband, a happy marriage, a house and some kids, but with the circumstances i grew up in, i’d be willing to sacrifice some of those things for a stable, content life.  (Lol except art i;m not going to stop drawing ever)

gaaranteed asked:

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1. The meaning behind my URL

In highschool we were doing a unit on poetry and we read Sylia Plaths’s Lady Lazarus.  A couple of my friends had started calling our friend Liza, LIZ (pronounced LIES) and and then i became LAZ because my name also started with L but Liza already had the L-I combination.  So when we were reading Lady Lazarus, Lady Lazabath somehow came out of that.  I like it a lot.  Makes me feel official and powerful.

(lol they have tumblrs too but I don’t think they live on here like i do (kayelleiamspiderann))

also it’s Lady LAZ (as in Lazarus)-ah-BATH- you gotta make sure to say it obnoxiously 

9. Tattoos I want

I don’t have any tattoos, and i don’t really see myself ever having any, cause i am the kind who if i got one, i’d need a whole section of my body to be tattooed, nothing super simple.

I used to toss around the idea of a coin design featuring Janus, because I really like the idea that he represents, plus hes not mentioned a lot in literature or media i’ve come across, so that makes it sufficiently not-mainstream to satisfy the hipster in me.

If I was to get a tattoo i’d get some patterning done to makes some sleeves/ collar or something.   if i am gonna get tattoos i would want to end up like this lady

12. Ideas of a perfect date
Walking through a cool park or museum or something!  Some place where you can spend a long time just wandering around looking at beautiful things and talking, getting to know each other!